The project ArqueoMallorca

The ArqueoMallorca project is an opportunity to make all of our visitors aware of Mallorca’s rich archaeological culture and will become another addition to its rich and varied tourism offer.

This journey through the island’s archaeology will make it possible for travellers to find out about and visit museums and sites and discover archaeology through the variety of workshops and itineraries available that you will find on the website.

Come and discover

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Find out about some of Mallorca’s many museums. These are spread across the island and will enable you to discover and better understand the customs, way of life and culture of the island’s ancient inhabitants. You will find their locations in their fact files.

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Icono YacimientosSites

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Discover our ancestors’ material heritage for yourself. Visit the sites we present and you will better understand the island’s history. In each fact file you will find the details of each archaeological site.

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Imagen Icono RutasItineraries

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We offer some step by step suggestions for you to enjoy Mallorca’s archaeological heritage. As well as archaeological sites, we recommend visiting other sites of cultural interest and discovering local products that will leave you pleasantly surprised.

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We offer a range of archaeological activities that will allow you to travel back through time and experience life from previous eras, becoming actors in history itself … It is necessary to know the past to understand the present better.

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