Icono Rutas 45 Alcúdia Bay cultural itineraries

The area around Son Real and Can Picafort stands out for its beauty, being one of the few still-untouched areas preserved in the whole of Mallorca.
This area was saved from the boom in tourism and building, preserving the essence of the purest Mallorca until the present day. Strolling along its coast allows you to enjoy the sensation of being in a Mallorca from days gone by. This place was specifically chosen by our ancestors for the eternal rest of their loved ones. The prehistoric communities probably felt that the beauty of this location made it somewhere full of spirituality. This is reflected in the fact that there is a great wealth of archaeological sites literally overlooking the sea that particularly stand out thanks to their exceptional nature, as in the paradigmatic case of the Son Real necropolis or the Illot des Porros archaeological site.
This Mallorcan cultural itinerary makes it possible to go for walks along the coast or inland. You can walk along unspoilt heavenly beaches full of history and heritage, and it is also possible to discover traditional Mallorcan culture in the interpretation centre of the Son Real public estate. Another possibility is to discover the rich biodiversity of the area in the s’Albufera Natural Park, the most important wetland in the Balearic Islands.
This route is perfect in the spring and summer months when you can bathe in the crystal-clear waters.