Icono Rutas 45 North route

This route through Mallorca is framed between the north end of the imposing Tramuntana mountains and Mallorca’s two great bays: Pollença and Alcúdia. This makes it a land of contrasts between the coastal plain and the heights of the mountains. A place with a long history, that attracted countless cultures thanks to its strategic location, fertile lands and proximity to the sea. This is shown by the large number of archaeological sites in the area, such as the prehistoric caves of Cala de Sant Vicenç and the large Roman city of Pol·lèntia, that are just a small sample of the area’s archaeological potential. It is also worth mentioningthe beautiful historical centres of the towns of Alcúdia and Pollença, and the beautiful beaches that can be found all along its coast, places that captivated numerous artists and travellers in the 19th and 20th centuries.