Icono Talleres 45 The last Muslims in the Tramuntana mountains and their defences


Gorg Blau/ Tossals Verds path.

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All public

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8 h approx.


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General public (aged 15 or over).This requires a reasonable level of fitness. Wear suitable footwear for the mountains and bring enough food for the full day.


€10.00 pp


The Muslims arrived on the island of Mallorca in the 10th century, living there until the end of the 13th century. It was not until 1229 when the arrival of Christian troops with the intention of conquering it, led to the end of their culture. The island’s Muslim inhabitants were forced to flee to the Tramuntana mountains to seek refuge from the troops of James I, and held out there until 1232.

Research at the Almallutx archaeological site has revealed that at the bottom of the Gorg Blau reservoir, and in the area around the Tossals Verds path, there are important remains from that time that make it possible to understand how they took refuge and defended themselves from the Christian soldiers. With this visit you can delve into a moment of great conflict in the island’s history.